Larry L. Gordley, M.S. – Co-founder and CEO

Larry is a leading expert in atmospheric remote sensing and instrument design. He founded GATS Inc. in 1986. A major player in many past and present $50+M NASA satellite missions, GATS supplies sensor concept, design, testing and signal analysis. Larry holds 8 patents and directs the PIGC development team.

Dave C. Fritts, Ph.D. – Co-founder and Chief Scientist

World-renowned expert in atmospheric dynamics with 25 years of experience in 2 previous start-ups. He has organized measurement campaigns in remote corners of the globe. Dave was president of Foresight Weather, a small commercial forecasting company that performed numerical weather predictions for applications in trading electricity and natural gas. He will direct the plume dispersion modeling contracts and activities.


Technical team

The present team is composed of 5 people having on average 15 years of experience in engineering for the assembly, integration and testing of the first generation of PIGC instruments.


Advisory board

Fred Julander, owner of Julander Energy with over 40 years of experience as an independent operator, is the head of the GPI advisory board.

Other major players in atmospheric science are being recruited.

This team will help guiding commercial and technological progress to meet industry requirements and get industry acceptance.